• Does EMR One get loaded onto our computers?

A: No. EMR One is a cloud-based software and does not reside on any of your computers. This allows you to conserve not only your computers resources but also offers extra security and patient privacy since no patient data is saved directly to your computer or other devices. This aids also to HIPAA compliance requirements.

  • What devices are work best for EMR One?

A:  EMR One will run on the following devices: MAC, Windows-based PCs (laptop or desktop), iPad and Android tablets. (EMR One is NOT optimized to run on iPhones or Android Phones)

  • How long has EMR One been on the market?

A: EMR One has been in use since 2012 and is currently in 20 states.

  • Can EMR One forms be modified to meet my state-specific DDS requirements?

A: Yes. The forms are easily modified.

  • Can records be accessed at a later time and for how long?

A: All records are kept indefinitely. Providers can easily come back later and modify or add to the original report.

  • How many client records can we maintain and store in EMR One?

A: EMR One is scalable so that you are able to input a large number of client records into the system over time. Since EMR One is cloud-based, there is no need for you to worry about “running out of room” or bogging down your own personal computers.

  • How are staff trained?

A: EMR One is a very intuitive software, so in most cases training can be done by Zoom and written materials or if necessary, one-on-one training by an EMR One trainer. In all cases, we will strive to provide the most efficient training tailored to suit your staff.

  • What costs can a user expect to use EMR One?

A: Charges to use the software are based on a sliding scale that is based volume of reports the practice does each month. There is an annual user fee plus the per report charge. For more information on this please contact us at info@emr-one.com.

  • Do you have affiliate sales agreements available?

A. Yes. Contact us at sales@emr-one.com for more information.