Efficiency Through Simplicity

EMR One provides cloud-based Electronic Medical Record software, EMR One Disability, a purpose-built software specific for Social Security Disability Exams and coming soon, EMR One Therapy, specifically for the clinical coordination of medical services to infants and small children seen in the Early Childhood Intervention Program.

EMR One Therapy is the perfect cloud-based medical software solution specifically for Early Intervention Services for children with disabilities.

EMR One Disability is the perfect cloud-based medical software solution specifically for patients with Social Security Disabilities.


Significantly Reduce

your report preparation costs

Improve Cash Flow

by speeding report turnaround.

Improve Report Quality

by making sure requirements for report disposition are included in the electronic medical record (EMR).

Reduce Callbacks

(usually as much as half) from federal and state agencies asking for clarification on submitted reports.

Reduce Provider Frustration

by eliminating additional time for report preparation outside of the clinic session.

Ensure HIPPA Compliance

since no data or software is ever downloaded or retained on local machines.

Cloud Based and Protected

data that is always secure.

Fully Scalable

for any number of exams & providers.


to meet the needs of your company and would be totally identifiable as your company’s product.

Developed and Designed by a Team of Dedicated Medical Professionals

Since 2012, EMR One has provided purpose-built Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software exclusively for providers of Social Security disability exams and Early Childhood Intervention Therapy Programs. Our browser-based software delivers safe, secure, HIPAA compliant documentation of all patient data. Our software answers many challenges that often plague providers such as reducing call-backs and insurance denials, faster report preparation, ensures audit compliance as well as being scalable and customizable. EMR One believes that Efficiency is through Simplicity.

EMR One was developed by Dr. Earl Fox, a national expert on social security evaluations, having done over 60,000 exams during the last several decades. He has developed the disability software and it has been in continuous use for over 8 years across the United States. As pediatrician, Dr. Fox was trained in children’s care at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. His responsibilities included overseeing the nationwide federal program for services to children with special needs in the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.

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